A Higher Standard of Coaching

Dr. Marty Durden’s expertise is in the field of servant-leadership coaching. He is considered an expert in researching the motivational aspects of servant-leadership development, having sampled 3000+ student-athletes and coaches to identify the innate value of servant-leadership in athletics. This study is the only one of its kind in existence and the research has identified the inherent motivational aspects of servant-leadership coaching.  What he has found reveals the transformational influence this philosophy possesses. Dr. Durden has written and researched this topic extensively, espousing the philosophy of “A Higher Standard than Winning” that emphasizes effort, teamwork, and improvement above results.

Servant-Leader coaches working with a girls soccer team

Success is the result of concentrated effort that precedes athletic accomplishments

Not only does Dr. Durden’s research shows us the powerful influence of servant-leadership coaching, but also that this philosophy effectively motivates the modern athlete. It is important to note that his research affirms the effectiveness of this form of leadership development. Dr. Durden believes that coaches who lead as servants have tremendous cultural influence on young people, undoubtedly preparing them to be good parents, spouses, and more productive citizens.

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More Than Winning explains how the contemporary athlete responds positively to the coach who wields his or her influence through the practice of authentic servant-leadership.